Search Methodology

Search Methodology

The search process covers the following stages:

In order to under requirements, we work closely with our clients to gain clear insight and understanding of the organization, project, location, job scope, specifications and qualifications.

Position specification
A corporate profile of the client’s organization along with adequate literature for the job specification is prepared. We then outline a search strategy with the client based on our experience and expertise, we also provide market intelligence inputs and manage realistic demands and expectations.

Strategy Review
Regular review sessions are held with the client to discuss appropriate details of targeted organizations and resources and to provide feedback on market response.

Talent Identification
Potential candidates are then identified by our team of experts through our extensive database, mapping and research tools.

Candidate Evaluation
Qualified candidates identified during the search process are then evaluated against the agreed profiles. At this stage, we also conduct reference checks as required.

Candidate Presentation
On successful evaluation, candidates are scheduled for interviews with the clients. The candidate profile is shared with the client will comprise of biographical data, career history, appraisal findings against the role specification, remuneration and other expectations.

Reference Process
Depending on the candidates performance during the interview process and at the client’s request we also conduct reference checks and the results are then shared with the client.

The client offer is presented to the prospective employee and the outcome is communicated to the client. We follow up with the employee and the client to ensure that the employee is on board and to ensure smooth integration into the client’s organization.