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( EU119657 )


Functional Area

Operations, Maintenance & Production


5 to 10 years



Job Location


Job Open Date

Mar 11 2021 12:00AM

a) Contractor shall provide competent person to perform banksman task.
b) Competencies required are:
• Be able to demonstrate standard hand and flag signals
• Be aware of dangers when manoeuvring vehicles
• Be able to identify areas of danger within sites
• Be able to reduce risks in manoeuvring operations
• To understand and demonstrate well communication with driver
• To understand and demonstrate safe positioning
c) Banksman is required when manoeuvring these types of vehicles:
• Excavator
• Breaker
• Graders
• Bulldozer
• Large Fork Lifts (over 2 ton)
• Dump Truck
• Heavy Goods Vehicle
d) Banksman is required when vehicles above entering into restricted area in unit (GTL Plant)
e) Qualifications for banksman are
• Physically Fit and Alert
• Good judge of speed and distance
• Good eyesight
• Good hearing
• Trained to undertake the task.

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