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( EU119655 )


Functional Area

Operations, Maintenance & Production


5 to 10 years



Job Location


Job Open Date

Mar 11 2021 12:00AM

a) Must have more than 3 years’ experience in welding works in running Petrochemical or Power
Generation industry.
b) Educational qualifications: Certified Welder or equivalent in a relevant discipline or standard
based qualification or equivalent. Including 6 months history of weld pass rate.
c) Must have a good understanding of QA/QC and HSE compliance requirements.
d) Must be practicing proper care of welding material.
e) Must have experience in and be able to weld all carbon steel piping materials.
f) Must have experience in and be able to weld the common stainless-steel types.
g) Must be aware of the different Heat Treatment and Stress Relieving requirements.
h) Must be able to judge whether a proper weld preparation is made.
i) Must be qualified (with certifications and/or proof of assessments passed) and be able to carry
out welding with different techniques such as GMAW, GTAW, SMAW at all positions flat,
vertical or overhead on plates and pipes according to ASME IX, 1G, 2G, 3G and 6G and shall
be able to learn as per these.
j) Able to perform grinding applications using manual and power tools.
k) Must be able to read / interprets mechanical isometric drawings including weld requirement
l) Must have experience in and be able to weld plate material in Column or Vessel walls.
m) Must be able and willing to clean the work area
n) Must be able to interpret content and validity of approved welding procedure specification.

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